SAScon 2015 Keynote: Making the Most of the Future of SEM/PPC

SAScon 2015 Manchester England

Manchester, England – home of SAScon 2015!

Google AdWords, the most popular paid search network, is evolving at a rapid clip, with hundreds of updates and new features each year. Marketers are also trying to keep up with changes in the Google Display Network and Bing Ads… and now there’s a whole realm of social advertising options, as well. LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads – how are marketers to not only keep up, but thrive and beat out their competition?

On June 12th 2015, join me at SAScon 2015, where I’ll present the morning keynote presentation on the future of SEM & PPC and how you can make the most of it.

Search, social and display advertising have undergone a sea change with the shift to mobile. It’s more than a new way to view ads; mobile requires a whole new strategy for creative, bidding and targeting.

While this shift to mobile hasn’t even full run its course, marketers are now also trying to navigate this brave new world in which consumers now expect ads tailored to their unique traits, behaviors and interests. We now have the opportunity to market on an incredibly personal level, using highly targeted demographics and even past purchase data to reach people through PPC in ways that we couldn’t have dreamed of just a decade ago.

We’re going to take a deep dive into the SEM and PPC trends that pose the great challenges – and offer the greatest opportunities – to marketers in the near future. Attendees will learn advanced PPC marketing strategy and walk away from my keynote with the tactical knowledge to implement it.

I’m excited to visit Manchester… actually, I’m pretty stoked to visit England as a whole, since I’ve never spent any time there other than stopping over on flights! Even more than getting to know the area, I’m looking forward to spending time with like-minded digital marketing professionals, especially the perspective they bring on various international ad markets.

Will I see you there? 


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